Free prescription delivery to all of our patients in LaSalle, Windsor, Amherstburg, and surrounding areas. You just tell us when and where, and we will be there.

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Compression Socks
Compliance Pack
INR Clinic
Diabetes Education
Doc's Proplugs & Aqua Earbands
Medication Flavouring


We are fitters and suppliers of Sigvaris compression socks. Available in a variety of styles and materials; from sheer nylons, to dress socks, and athletic socks. Custom fit to suit your lifestyle.


We understand that managing your own, or a loved one's, medications can get to be a little overwhelming or confusing at times. That's why we offer a variety of compliance packaging (dosette, bubble pack) options to better assist you in managing all of these important medications. We package all prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter products and vitamins, to ensure you get the right drug, at the right dose, at the right time.

ANTICOAGULATION (INR) CLINIC (LaSalle location only)

​Point-of-care INR testing and management for patients taking warfarin. No more long waits to have your blood drawn at the lab, and more importantly no more needles in the arm. During each scheduled appointment we will test your INR using a small drop of blood acquired by a tiny finger poke. The INR result is obtained instantly and your warfarin dose will be adjusted accordingly. A referral from your physcian is required to enroll in this service, so please call or come in for details.


FOR PHYSICIANS -- Anticoagulation Clinic Referral Form & Management Directive


​Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in our community. It is also one of the most manageable. Let our pharmacists and expert staff help you manage your medications, adjust your diet, improve your lifestyle and answer any questions you may have. Call to book your free consultation.


We are one of only a few locations in Essex County that carry these products. Highly recommended by physicians for your little swimmers that have tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes), but also available for people of any age.

FLAVORx ..... custom antibiotic flavouring (LaSalle location only)

Liquid medications can taste yucky, especially when your little one is feeling yucky. With our custom FlavoRx flavouring system we can mask the taste of almost any liquid medication, especially antibiotics, making it easier to administer to your child. With over 15 flavours to choose from, getting your child to take their medication has never been easier.